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Moon & Jai ~ Sacred geometry + slate charging plate

moon and jai

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2 Square shaped pieces of slate with words “Love,” “Joy,” “Light,” “Balance,” “Inspire,” “Gratitude” and “Moon and Jai” incorporated into a mandala design on them. There is a glass cup with water on one of the coasters.
2 Square shaped pieces of slate with words “Love,” “Joy,” “Light,” “Balance,” “Inspire,” “Gratitude” and “Moon and Jai” incorporated into a mandala design on them.

This coaster is specially designed to structure and charge your water with the beautiful vibration of sacred geometry, positive affirmations combined with powerful balancing properties of slate.

The flower of life in sacred geometry is a symbol representing enlightenment and is also believed to behold the magic energy of creation which helps us connect to higher levels. When positive affirmations/intentions are spoken upon this coaster, the sacred objects or water you place on it, will become charged with its magic. Slate is known as a stone for balance and harmony as it is made by heat, pressure, and water. Of which correlates to the three elements of fire, earth, and water all harmonizing by working together. Based on the study of Dr Masaru, who concluded positive words and symbols positively impact the structure of water. We went a step ahead on this product and added sacred symbols and earth elements to enhance the positive energy impact.


1. Place a glass or clear glass carafe of water on this crystal, and allow it to “charge” for a few hours or overnight.

2. Prior to drinking place our hands over the glass and silently say “thank you”

3. Enjoy, hydrate, and increase your radiance!


Metaphysical Uses of Slate: A balancing stone. Balances Chakras. Balances emotional, mental, spiritual, ethereal, and physical bodies. If you are just not feeling right, hold a piece of slate in your hand and feel yourself becoming balanced, in tune with yourself, level and even.


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